Nehemiah Alliance Christian Fellowship
911 Apostolic Prophetic Prayer Line
                                                                                                    Prayer List

Apostle and Lady Wright
Apostle & Lady Ferguson
Apostle Blount
Bishop Lady Harris
Bishop & Lady Brown
Pastor & Lady Davis
Pastor Harrison
Pastor Williams
Pastor Omwoyo

Pastor and Lady Blow & Family
Pastor & Lady Dyson
Pastor Cooper
Pastor Markum
Pastor Balomy
Pastor Shannon
Pastor Champion
Pastor White
Pastor O'Quin

Minister Johnson & Family
Minister Walkins & Family
Pastor Johnson & Family
Minister Lee and Family
Sister Emily 
Sister Buffie 
Betts Family
Brother Rick
Sister Denise and Brother Ahmed
Family of Pastor Gordon G. T. Crawford
Brother Nate & Family
Sister Barbara
Sister Paula
Campos Family
Sister Jacqueline
Brother Jerome
Elder Treana
Sister Deanna
Sister Angie
Sister Tanya & Family
Sister Barbara​
​Sister Jamila
The Deckard Family
The Wright Family
The Thompson Family
The Blow Family
The McMichael Family

Persons effected by Covid-19
Persons affected by loss of a loved one
Persons effected by cancer
Persons effected by high blood pressure
Persons affected depression